Wallet-to-wallet trading made simple

Dexdex is the the first platform to bring wallet-to-wallet trading directly to your website, wallet, app or dApp. Its API or EasyTrade widget, can offer your users a secure, trust-less way to trade any tokens.

Check out the EasyTrade widget

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Why integrate dexdex?

More tokens than any platform

EasyTrade offers a total of 980 tokens tokens, more than any other exchange. New tokens are added every week. If you want to list your token, please complete this form.

Safe Trading

Wallet to wallet trading is safe because it eliminates intermediaries, making trades quickly and securely. It also means your funds are not kept in any one server or set or severs, making assets nearly impossible to steal through a vulnerability in the exchange.

Best Price

Dexdex searches multiple exchanges, protocols and market makers ensuring you always get the best available price. It also provides tools for anyone to generate their own liquidity.

Open Source

Code transparency is critical for our partners, that is why at Dexdex we opened our code. Check Dexdex's Github page and smart contract.

How to integrate dexdex?

Easytrade widget

Allow your users to instantly purchase tokens by embedding our trading widget with one line of JavaScript.

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API for apps

Execute a decentralized trade with our REST API without having to interact with an Ethereum node.

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API for dapps

Decentralized applications can trade tokens by interacting with a special dexdex smart contract.

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