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What is the EasyTrade Widget?

A user-friendly, highly secure way to buy or sell digital assets. Check out our beta version:

What is the EasyTrade Widget?

A user-friendly, highly secure way to buy or sell digital assets. The EasyTrade widget allows developers to build wallet-to-wallet trade capability directly into any website, wallet, app or DApp. Check out our beta version:

How does it work?

First choose the token you’d like to buy or sell, then choose the amount. EasyTrade will then provide you with the best available orders from our pool of decentralized exchanges. With our smart contract, EasyTrade can execute multiple orders simultaneously. This not only saves time, but reduces network fees as well.

What do I need to use the widget?

EasyTrade is available for desktop and mobile. For desktop we support MetaMask, (Ledger and Trezor coming soon). For mobile: Cipher, Toshi, Trust Wallet and Status.

How does the EasyTrade Widget provide the best orders to trade?

Think of Expedia: they gather flights and hotel rooms from multiple sites and put them in one place making it easy to compare rates. EasyTrade compares token prices from different exchanges ensuring you always receive the best available rate. As with hotels, the best token prices may not be on one site. EasyTrade can execute multiple orders from various exchanges at once. Unbeknownst, users may be executing one order from RadarRelay and another from ForkDelta. Like Expedia, EasyTrade simply matches buyers and sellers.

Is my money at risk at any moment?

No. We designed the EasyTrade widget to give you total control over your digital assets without ever taking custody of your funds. With EasyTrade, assets are traded wallet-to-wallet, allowing you to maintain custody of your funds at all times, protecting your assets from hack or theft.

Can I set a minimum/maximum amount to buy or sell?

Yes, when you choose your token and the amount, you also set a maximum rate to buy or a minimum rate to sell, which is enforced by the smart contract.

Do I need an account?

No, during the beta period you do not need to register or provide any information to use the widget.

Do I need to deposit tokens, withdraw tokens or wrap my ethers?

No, the smart contract will take care of that for you.

Do I need to buy ZRX tokens to pay 0x order fees?

No, the smart contract will take care of that.

What is the cost of this service?

We charge a 0.5% fee. While usually much less, the EasyTrade smart contract limits the maximum possible aggregate of fees to 1%.

Does the total fee include the decentralized exchange fees?

Yes, all fees are included.

What happens if decentralized exchange fees are more than 1%?

The EasyTrade smart contract will not execute any order if fees are greater than 1%.

Where is the smart contract?

You can read more information about the smart contract here.

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